MOMMY DEAREST: The Story of Robin Lee Row

Welcome back to Idaho!


Not Iowa.

And not Ohio.

Stay in school, kids.

Lesson #1: don’t have kids if you’re just gonna be a DICK to them.

Class, lemme introduce you to Idaho’s very own Mommy Dearest…

Robin Lee Row

She looks like…a mom.

Robin Lee Row is currently the only woman on death row in Idaho.

Why, you may ask?

Because THIS BITCH murdered her husband and two young children.

She deserves this haircut.

In 1992, Robin lived with her husband Randy and two children, Joshua (10) and Tabitha (8) in a duplex in southwest Boise.

Robin worked at a YMCA as a bingo manager.

I…didn’t know that was a thing.

Robin and Randy were in the midst of serious marital problems.

In fact, Robin was staying with her friend, Joan, while Randy remained at their home with the kids.

In the early morning hours of February 10, 1992, Robin woke her friend up. Robin had a “terrible feeling that something was wrong at the house.”

Joan, alarmed and probs annoyed as hell for being startled awake at 3 in the gawtdamn morning, assured Robin that everything was fine.

But being a good friend, she offered to take Robin to the house.

As they turned down the street, they were alarmed to see flashing lights and emergency vehicles EVERYWHERE.

Robin was right.

Something was very wrong.

Before approaching anyone, Robin eerily whispered: “there must have been fire.”

Not seeing any smoke, Joan was taken aback…what a…specific assumption.

Joan was even more weirded once she found out it WAS a fire.

Randy, Joshua and Tabitha all died from carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of the fire.

As it became clear that the fire was intentionally set, investigators began wondering “who in the fuck would murder a dude and his two children?”

Robin became the prime suspect once detectives discovered that she had taken out SIX life insurance policies just 17 days before.

And the policies totaled $275,000. Gee, I wonder who the murderer could be?

Upon further investigation, detectives were shocked, SHOCKED, to find that Robin had been embezzling money from her job as bingo manager at the YMCA.

AND THEN, cops discovered the #1 damning piece of information against Robin:

Robin had previously “lost” two children.

In 1977, her baby daughter died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and in 1980, her son Keith died in an ACCIDENTAL HOUSE FIRE.

Bitch was a serial child killer. Of her own children.

What kind of fucking monster…???

Oh and while she was separated from Randy, she claimed all kinds of fucked up shit: he kidnapped her, raped her and physically abused her. All of which seemed to be completely fabricated aka utter bullshit.

And because she’s the worst, I’ll throw in one final juicy piece of goss: THIS BITCH was sexually involved with her friend Joan’s adult son.

Thanks to a sting operation that involved our new BFF Joan, Robin was arrested on March 23, 1992, and charged with the murders of her husband and two children.

In a separate case, Robin was being charged with grand theft for being a dick and stealing bingo money.

Trial was held from late January to March of 1993.

Robin Lee Row was found guilty on all counts.

She was sentenced to death for the 3 murders and 20 years for aggravated arson.

Robin has been appealing since day 1 but all appeals have been denied.

She is currently a guest at the Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center in Pocatello, Idaho.There is no date of execution.

A NIGHTMARE ON LINDEN STREET: The Story of the Boise Murder House

Welcome to Idaho!

Not Iowa.

And not Ohio.

Idaho isn’t really known for being a hotbed of crime but even states that people forget exist can have their bad days.

Folks, let’s head to Boise, Idaho circa 1987.

On June 29, 1987, 22-year-old Preston Murr attended a funeral.

Always a good time.

After the funeral, Preston and several other attendees were turning their frowns upside down and getting hammered.

Intoxicated and belligerent, a fight broke out between Preston and two other bros.

The 5-0 immediately showed up and it was citations for everyone.

The fight club was cited for disorderly conduct. The party was fucking over.

Later that evening, Preston was home with his girlfriend when he received an alarming phone call. He didn’t know who tha fuck was on the other end but they were spewing threats on his life.

He reported the call to police and then called up his buddy, Daniel Rogers. Not sure if the threat stemmed from the funeral fight or something else, they decided to meet up (along with another dude, Daron Cox) to brainstorm who might’ve made the threat.

They pow-wow at Preston’s sister’s apartment and not only discuss the phone threat but also the issue of Daniel’s stolen guns.

Methinks this group wasn’t the most law-abiding of citizens.

So the dudes are brainstormin’ and drinkin’ cuz let’s be honest…a buzzed brain is a totally rational, logical and super chill brain.

Super hyped and rage-y, the trio head over to Daniel’s house at 805 W. Linden Street.

Daniel had an idea of where his stolen guns might be so he grabbed a non-stolen gun gun from his house and the three dudes headed out. They drove around Boise in search of the supposed apartment that may or may not be housing the guns.

With zero luck, they head back to the Linden house to revise their game plan. I’m still down for finding out who the fucking mystery caller was but I guess we’ve moved on.

Around midnight, a fight broke out between the three amigos and Preston was shot in the shoulder.

Preston got the hell outta Dodge and ran out into the neighborhood. He ran to several different houses, screaming for help but no one opened their doors. One neighbor woke up to pounding on his front door. As he went to check, he heard a man scream, “Let go of me!” Then he heard an anguished yell. The neighbor peeked out a front window and saw Preston being chased away by another person. It was too dark for the neighbor to see who that other person was.

When the coast was clear, the neighbor slowly opened his front door and peeked outside.

His front door was covered in blood.

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And a trail of blood continued down his walk way.

Creeped the fuck out, the neighbor slammed his door and called authorities to report the alarming incident.

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Preston didn’t make it far. He was caught by Daniel and Daron and dragged back to the house. He was brought down to the basement. He was losing blood from his gunshot wound and growing weaker by the second. After a brief struggle, Daniel and Daron fatally shot Preston in the back of the head.

In the time it took the neighbor to call dispatch and report the bizarre incident, Preston was murdered.

Shortly after hanging up with dispatch, the neighbor saw two men poking around his front yard and porch. Next thing who knew, he was watching someone HOSING OFF HIS FRONT PORCH. Uhhhh…what??

The neighbor stayed behind his locked door because he wasn’t fucking stupid but he did continue to watch, hoping the police would arrive soon. The two men eventually finished their midnight yard work and walked away. The police never showed up.

The neighbor kept vigil for a few more minutes but it seemed all had quieted down so he went back to bed.

HE WENT BACK TO BED???????????????????

Who the fuck could sleep after that? You literally saw gobs of BLOOD on your front door…clearly something horrifying just happened and you just derpy-derp go back to bed? This whole neighborhood is nuts.

So while the neighbor is going nighty-night, Preston’s body was being cut into pieces with an axe and various knives in the basement of Daniel’s house. The body parts were then placed into multiple plastic bags. Daniel and Daron put all the bags into the trunk of Daniel’s wife’s car (Anyone know a good divorce lawyer? That shit wouldn’t fly with me) and headed out to Brownlee Reservoir on the border of Idaho and Oregon. Preston’s body parts were removed from the bags and tossed into the reservoir. The plastic bags, bloody gloves and other incriminating clothing were then tossed in a dumpster behind a convenience store in the town of Meridian, a suburb of Boise.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-19.png

The next morning, our favorite neighbor noticed a brown sedan sitting next to his house for a few minutes before it drove away.

Sidebar Nation: the murder car driven by Daniel and Daron was a BROWN Grand Prix.

The car gave the neighbor some serious bad vibes. Then he remembered that the cops never fucking showed up the night before.

So the neighbor called the police again to report the suspicious vehicle and to also remind the cops that, ya know, there was still blood on his fucking front door.

Police finally fucking arrived and not only noticed the blood on the neighbor’s front door but also a trail of fucking blood. Following the trail, police then realize that blood is spattered on several houses in the neighborhood.

Welcome to your new neighborhood, muthafuqas.

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After checking the surrounding homes, the police pinpointed 805 Linden Street as Ground Zero.

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There was no response to the knocking on the door so emergency search warrants were issued.

When the police entered the home, all they saw was blood. The blood trail led down to the basement where drugs and stacks of money were also discovered. A bullet hole was noticed embedded into a door. And finally, a handgun was found in a cabinet in the main house. The handgun was registered to Daniel Rodgers.

Daniel and his wife were arrested on June 30, 1987 and charged with possession of controlled substances with the intent to deliver and other drug-related crimes.

Just a few days after their arrest, Preston’s body parts were discovered along the banks of the Brownlee Reservoir.

Daniel Rodgers and Daron Cox were both charged with murder.

Daniel is still serving a life sentence.

Daron was deemed an accomplice and only served 6 years.

Daniel Rodgers (left) and Daron Cox (right)
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